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15 minutes with Barthe Cortes

Barthe Cortes interview  

june, 2011


KISSFM had been loudly advertising on its station an interview with Barthe Cortes, which was supposed to take place on the 15th of May. The interview took place not in a studio but at an airport and instead of lasting 60 minutes, as it had been announced, it lasted only 15 minutes. BC also did not talk about his controversial professional and private life, as the station had announced. It looked more like a short talk about his career plans in the nearest future. Now there is a rumour that the radio was sure that it would persuade Barthe to give a longer interview and that is why it had been advertising him so boldly. However, BC's spokesman claims that no-one had ever spoken about the interview and that from the very beginning they agreed only on a short presentation of the plans for the next months. Well, 15 is better than nothing..

We, however, have an "even shorter" interview with Barthe Cortes for You! A reporter of "whatsupkenya & 93 FM Mombasa," Tanya Somezy encountered BC recently during Lamu Festival where he was with his frieds and daughter Brillarose. It seems that Barthe, in order to take Bri to this festival, intentionally took some time off and flew for one day from Rwanda, where he has currently started building warehouses and a runway (which he previously talked about on KISS-FM station).

The reporter called and approached him with no hesitation, asking him several questions. Well.., it turned out the devil is not so black as he is painted ;-)

This is a very short, casual interview it is clearly visible that BC did not take it seriously. Tanya was surprised with intensity of his life and said without thinking that he must have taken some "pills" After a moment of surprise, BC replied: "green tea and vodka work%&" ;-)

We have fragments that were made available to us by 93 FM Mombasa

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