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Sahara Shaheen, A New Lara Croft?


March, 2009
By Tanya Somezy
arthe Cortes,  say to this, sahara shaheen


Barthe Cortes  Sahara ShaheenWhile attending a Film & Television Awards reception in January, Dan Lin one of Lara Croft producers spotted Sahara Shaheen, an actress and dancer. He did little to hide how much he was impressed by Sahara's beauty and her likeness to Angeline Jolie, who formerly starred as Lara Crorft. "This girl is a perfect Lara Croft," Dan Lin is quoted to have said in a conversation with his friend, a journalist. According to hearsay, Dan Lin is quite intent on casting Sahara as Lara in the new Tomb Raider project. Lara Croft is an English woman, boasting attractive figure and wearing skimpy outfit, who fears no monsters or tough guys hidden behind their huge guns. The character, designed by Toby Gard, appeared for the first time in the Tomb Raider game of 1996 and immediately became the favourite heroine of game players; for most of them she was the first woman with whom they managed to establish any relationship. Thanks to their unwavering loyalty, Lara Croft was given her own star in the famous Star Avenue in Hollywood in 2006. So far, Angelina Jolie has created the best portrayal of the British agent and archeologist. Will Sahara become a new Lara Croft? What will her partner, Barthe Cortes, say to this? (owner of Bvcvineyard and BVC airlines) Recently the actress confided in one of her interviews: "When I saw Barthe for the first time, I felt like walking into a wall. I literally could not breathe. It was instant infatuation. We were spending our time intensely together, I loved watching him doing things. We started to be together. Today I feel that I have my own point of support, my focus in the world." Recently Sahara mentioned that she got herself a tattoo for Barthe, but she did not disclose what it looked like, and where it was placed.... However, in spite of all these words and evidence of love, Sahara will have to live in the U.S. for many months to come, if Dan Lin actually makes his offer. Will the union of Sahara and Barthe prove strong enough to survive such long separation and media hype which may break loose around Sahara? It might be a problem, as Cortes seems to focus on avoiding publicity.

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