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Radio and TV presenter Amina reveals her romantic affair and private marriage


april, 2014



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Pulse: First of all congratulations on your pregnancy, how far along is it?

Amina: Thanks! My angel is now seven months. I can’t wait to hold him or her in my arms. InshaAllah!

P: We didn’t see this coming!

A: (Laughs) I know you want to know how it all started. I met this guy in Coast a few years ago. He was quite the gentleman and after months of being just pals, we hit it off…the rest is in between the dots.

P: You are talking about John Rabar of Homeboyz?

A: Yes!

P: Did you see yourself getting hitched to him when you hit it off?

A: I knew there was something special about him. I was going for it; yes I was.

P: You are confirming to us that you and your former Homeboyz ‘boss’ John Rabar are husband and wife...

A: Don’t you believe it?

P: I want to hear it from the horse’s mouth, besides, I was never invited to this wedding... I bet, I am among the many waiting to hear the wedding bells...

A: (Laughs) Don’t wait for wedding bells. They already rang. We already got married but it was a very intimate affair. Our family and a few close friends were in attendance. However, when the baby comes, we will do a contemporary one where everyone else will be invited

P: So clearly, the  rumour that your family had issues with the pregnancy due to religious reasons was not true?

A: Nope. I don’t even know where on earth that came from. My family is very happy for us.

P: Is it true that he is converting into Islam?

A: I guess he can speak for himself, right?

P: This means you were still dating John  while you were still at Homeboyz... I mean, he was your boss...

A: The affair and work were two different things. At no point did the two clash.

P: Has the pregnancy affected your career at Capital FM?

A: Not at all, on the contrary my Capital FM family that knew this first was more than glad, especially my boss. She’s been an incredible support.

P: Can you say you are at that place you want to be in life now?

A: When I began at Homeboyz, I wasn’t quite sure on what I wanted to be in the long run, but now as I slowly meet more people and get more exposure on what the industry can offer, am working my way there. The truth is, am at that point in life when all elements start falling in place. 

P: You are still this young girl who has the entire industry expecting much from. What are your projections, say for the next two years?

A: Well, I will be a hardworking mum and wife, who will have become a well rounded radio broadcaster and hopefully, have my own TV show and… an Oscar. My dreams are valid, right!

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