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Barthe Cortes took Brillarose to Rwanda

  Barthe Cortes

August, 2011

 Barthe Cortes took Bri to Rwanda pic1 Barthe Cortes took Bri to Rwanda pic2  
Barthe Cortes took Bri to Rwanda pic3  Barthe Cortes took Bri to Rwanda pic4

Apparently, the three-year-old was fed up with spending her time at home and waiting for her dad to go out of prison who is always somewhere far away from home building his airports and this time she decided not to let him leave her home alone and she set off for a trip with him. Since he went out of prison, Barthe Cortes has continued to build an airport in Congo, as well as, he has built hangars in Rwanda ad this was exactly the place where he took Bri with him (by the way we want to say thank you to our reader for sending information and photos).

Most probably, the girl loves to spend time with her dad, and when she does not do that she plays with local children, and a nanny hired especially on this occasion within the area of the camp.

Well, fatherhood requires compromises; still, we hope; bearing in mind the last incident in Congo, that BC will not take the three-year-old also to this state....; the little girl has got kind of eccentric childhood already;-)

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