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Brillarose 's first photo shoot


December, 2009



photo:Barthe Cortes & Bri For a change, as opposed to the most of the newspapers, which write about the last Al-Shabaab's firing at a plane belonging to Barthe Cortes in Somalia, we have decided not to mention it. We have something totally new for you; namely, we are first to present photos of Brillarose, Barthe's daughter. We are able to do it since; quite recently, the photoreporters managed to take some photos of Barthe and his daughter while they were leaving Uhuru Park in Nairobi. It is said; informally, that Barthe "bought back" couple photos of little Bri from the photoreportes to avoid their publication on the Internet; therefore, this photo seems to be unique.
Just to remind - Bri is a fruit of passion between Barthe and Sahara Shaheen, an actress who died tragically this year. Little Bri is truly beautiful; she is an essence of genetic coctail her parents made - she has got big beautiful black eyes and bright blond hair.
Looking at this picture it is hard to believe the rumours that BC has a drug addiction problem(!?). Still, there are some more rumours that BC has moved from Kenya and that he is here only sporadically because his new home is in Uganda. Is that true?

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