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Barthe Cortes may need exorcisms !?

Barthe Cortes may need exorcisms !?  

february, 2011



 Barthe Cortes may need exorcisms !? "BC needed an exorcist more than a spokesman " This shocking opinion has been recently offered with reference to Barthe Cortes , the head of BVC, by BVC press spokesman in the presence of a kampalaNews reporter. Although the spokesman later clarified that it was just a private conversation, his words did not pass unnoticed. The Catholic Church of Meru declared in response to a question by one of the reporters that they would be ready to do exorcisms for BC. However, according to the Archbishop, the first step would be a psychiatric examination, in order to exclude any mental disorders. After Cortes receives a clear bill of mental health, the Church could undertake exorcisms with the aim to expel evil spirits from his body and mind.

"Would it look just like in the movies?" we asked.

"We assume that a possessed man is affected by Satan, who beguiles one with illusions of safety. Unaware of that, the man acts as if he was mad (Would that explain BC's behaviour?) ;-)

The exorcism itself is nothing else but prayer and spiritual fight for the moral and spiritual well-being of the man. Exorcisms are performed in a private place, such as a chapel with images of Christ and angels. At the beginning, the patient is purified with holy water. Afterwards, prayers are said, and priests read Gospel. The exorcist lays hands on the suffering person, and says the Paternoster. Then he makes the sign of cross and gives a blessing, with a prayer which expels the devil in the name of Jesus Christ. Exorcisms end with a hymn of thanks and a blessing. If the presence of the evil spirit manifests itself, the exorcist may ask about the number and names of demons, and how long they have been dwelling in their victim. Sometimes, when the demon is particularly strong, the person subject to exorcisms must be tied with a rope to some piles and the floor, just as Jesus was tied to the cross. Exorcisms may take a few hours. Even if no symptoms of expelling the demons manifest, the patient may experience positive results of exorcisms after some time. It seems quite interesting, isn't it? What do you think? Will BC get persuaded to undergo exorcisms after he is released from prison? (For more information see link) What would be the outcome? Perhaps the headlines would get less dramatic. But would BVC survive? Barthe Cortes's madness seems to be its driving source, doesn't it?;-)

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