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Avril Trends On Twitter After "Unwrapping" Her Face On Instagram


January, 2014



Juliani talks about his past relationship with Brenda  Kenyan singer Avril is known for her beauty and flawless skin as most of her photos show. Well she decided to 'unwrap" herself for her fans this morning 26th December and show her face without make up. The "chokoza" singer didnt know she was opening a can of worms as an hour later she was trending on Twitter and her Instagram post was being shared about. While most sympathised with her most trolled her for her acne. Avril however took it in stride as she had probably intended this to be a compassionate act from her to the fans and and anyone who may be undergoing such a condition. While most trolled away, a good number gave her a pat on the back for the brave act. Avril who recently released her song Nikimuona spent her christmas at a childrens home in Nakuru where she gave goodies to the kids. She got wind of her image trending and posted another photo this time smiling, an indication she was not pertubed.

Juliani talks about his past relationship with Brenda

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