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nairobi fresh hits

nairobi fresh hits



Barthe Cortes -
10 june 2009 till 10 june 2010
Summing up.


July, 2010

by A. NJAGI  


image:Barthe  Cortes 10 VI 2009  till  10 VI  2010 Summing up

On 10 June it has been one year since the tragic death of Sahara Shaheen, an African actress, privately a fiancÚ to Barthe Cortes, who died leaving her daughter she had by Barthe. Despite numerous business-wise crazy things he did (read here e.g.: link1 link2 link3 link4 link5 ), Cortes friends say he is a good dad who has developed a very close relation with his daughter. Since Sahara's death Barthe has done a few crazy things about which one could even read in papers. However, he's also made spectacular success, which has secured his transport 'BVC' business a stronger position on the market. One of recent development one can clearly identify as success is completion of an airport, which unofficially is renowned for being one of the most state of the modern- small-size airports in the world (see video I). The airport is amazing; it is located between three countries, amids the Sahara desert. Planes appear from the earth to move towards to the runway in special lifts. The dome resembles a dew and that's where the airport took its name from - Brillarose, which in Arabic means 'first morning dew on the desert' (BC's two year old daughter is called Brillarose, it is easy to figure out why he has given his airport that name). That's, however, just a part of his success. In June a latest BVC plane was presented to a wider audience. It is, one can say, a 'special force plane' - incredibly fast but despite its speed ability, a relatively short runway is enough for her to land, which is extremely important for African circumstances. Apart from all that, the plane is light and capacious. On June 22 the airport was open to the public. In the evening the plane which flew straight from the Brillarose airport was presented, Kenyan hip hop band concerts were there too, drinks were served to guests and the party was on till late night hours. Although BC avoided the press and it was difficult to get a direct contact with him, the event might be perceived as a step forward in the BVC-media relation.
Some believe that behind the 'event' there is a PR agency and it was PR people who convinced Barthe to have that event arranged to correct BVC perception eroded by associations with piracy, shootings and Al-Qaeda clashes in Mogadish. Anyway, the desired effect was gained and Barthe Cortes's success is great. We congratulate BC and wish him success in the 12 months to come, both in business and private life. .

VIDEO I (Found on the Web)

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