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Barthe Cortes was shot! - A Witness Reports From Ndele Hospital


August 2014


Barthe Cortes , 2014, Congo

BVC Airport in CAR has been attacked by the rebels .

ACP published a report by a witness - a nurse who was in the hospital when seriously wounded Barthe Cortes was carried in immediately after the shooting at the airport.

"My mom is a nurse in N'Dele hospital and she told me that Barthe Cortes and two people from his company came to the hospital. Barthe's shirt was covered in blood, and he seemed to be unconscious. Half an hour later a car arrived to the hospital with armed people and somebody told my mom that they were BVC staff. Then things became chaotic. BVC people walked down the hall with weapons and started looking for BC. People were frightened by them because they did not know their intentions and were not sure who they were, and everybody became terribly confused. Two of them burst into the operating room, the doctors were not able to stop them, my mom did not know what was happening in the room, but they they left after a moment. Four of them went to patrol outside the hospital and two guarded the room. Mom went to the women's room to perform her chores so she did not knew what happened next, but she later learnt that Barthe Cortes left the hospital on the same day, although the doctor did not want to let him "

picture by Maya Van den Berg

source : ACP

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