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Pirates of the Indian Ocean


December, 2008
By Nadya Ogingo
 said that Barthe Cortes may be accused of armed attack on Somalia. Recently, another owner
said that barthe cortes may be accused of armed attack on SomaliaThis year, 98 acts of piracy took place on the waters near the coast of Somalia. A total of 42 ships were hijacked, out of which 18 are still in the hands of pirates. They neither kill nor cripple, their purpose is big dosh. Those who encountered the Somali people say one thing: they are not wild murderers; they are rational and crafty businessmen of sea terrorism. One of the captains of the hijacked ship reports on the course of hijacking in the following way: “Our ship was approached by a motor boat with 5 blokes with Kalashnikovs. I quickly took hold of the helm and pushed off their boat with a ship’s side. After a while, they approached again and other boats appeared. We were surrounded and then I understood that we were without chances. Several thugs with Kalashnikovs entered the board. “This is Omar, our captain. Do what he says“ — said one of the pirates serving as an interpreter.“ Almost all raids of Somali pirates look like that. Several manoeuvrable motor torpedo boats suddenly attack the chosen target. The best target includes oil tankers and freighters. Ransom from ship—owners is certain — the company wants to quickly recover the ship. Hardly any company decides to engage security. “You are helpless if Kalashnikovs are pointed at you. The best thing to do is to stay calm and wait. On account of numerous patrols of the EU and US navy along the Somali coast, no acquisition is certain before it anchors in one of pirates nests. However, western fleet does not always manage to come to aid on time. Several dozen hours after pirates attack, a Danish tugboat called “Svitzer Korsako“ stood in a second-rate harbour called Eyl, one of the main bases of pirate motor boats. This is a Tortuga of the 21st century — a harbour which would never exist in such form of any authority existed in kits native land. Currently, at least 12 ships and probably approximately 200 sailors are detained. How should we fight against pirates The threat of commercial ships and yachts achieved such a level that 10 European countries decided to carry out an extensive air and sea operation on the most dangerous waters of our planet at the seaside of Somalia. The action planned on the recent meeting of ministers of defence in Deauville should make the lives of pirates more complicated. However, it should not be expected that it will bring the criminal practices to an end. Also, the Security Council of the United Nations calls for action, which encourages to counter piracy, if necessary, using force. Although the UN and the EU have a very cautious approach to using force; they do not want to bring matters to a head and expose the kidnapped sailors to danger. Barthe Cortes, the owner of the BVC fleet, did the opposite. At the end of November, pirates hijacked one of his ships which sailed from Hong Kong to Mombasa. Cortes recaptured the ship on his own account, which finished with a success. There would be no matter if it was not for the fact that both sides used fire, although there were no victims. In addition, when recapturing the ship, Barthe and his crew hijacked a Somali motor boat owned by pirates. The case is so strange in the light of the situation that prevails on the Indian Ocean that it is difficult to say if the act should be approved or reprimanded, anyway it is said that Barthe Cortes may be accused of armed attack on Somalia. Recently, another owner of a tourist ship followed in Cortes’s footsteps, he also recaptured his ship on his own account with the use of force. The situation on the ocean becomes more and more mad every day.

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