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Barthe Cortes - Is He a former secret agent?


January, 2015



Barthe Cortes, 2015 ZOOM  Few days ago Zoom Magazine magazine published an interesting interview with a former member of the revolutionary RUF group from Sierra Leone. After guaranteeing him anonymity, the ex-rebel decided to tell as years ago he met BC (no name or surname is mentioned in the text, but we suppose we all know who BC is, and it is of course Barthe Cortes the owner of BVC air - lines).

The former African rebel has confirmed what all people have talked about for ages in Africa, more precisely, that before setting up BVC, Barthe Cortes was a secret officer of intelligence service specialized in fighting terrorism, unfortunately, the interviewers did not manage to get the name of the service.

Few years ago a FARC member - Columbian rebel said in an interview that BCs granddad was a FARC member. Barthe Cortes did not comment on that at the time, is he going to do this now? Part of the interview. Find the entire interview here: more at: Zoom Magazine

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