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Barthe Cortes:

Love to motorcycles stronger than anything


archive/ june, 2008
barthe cortes


At the beginning of April Barthe Cortes had an accident when riding a motorcycle. The motorcycle can only be scrapped and he just survived. The accident occurred on Chiromo Road. Police reports say that the fault was of a bus driver who was trying to make a shortcut and suddenly crossed Chiromo Road, with not lights on.
A witness said "Looking at the wreck of the motorcycle, I find it difficult to believe that anybody could survive such accident. Survival means here a second life".
But Barthe does not seem to treat that event as spiritually as the witness ? Less than two months have passed since the accident. All bruised, he has problems with a leg, you can see him on the airport walking with a stick — therefore, it is extremely surprising to see him on a motorcycle again! "Bikes riding 300/h are not necessarily a best solution for crazy guys after an accident, especially when they don’t know how to brake", jokes a friend of his, and adds "When I saw the bike I told him right away —give it back!. But he wouldn’t listen..." So if love for motorcycles is stronger than anything else, perhaps someone could give Cortes a computer game ex. Tourist Trophy ? At least for the recovery period. Probably, you can ride a bike as well as ever but this is much safer


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