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We are open for co-operation with paparazzi, newsmen, freelancers and amateurs (so-called accidental witnesses of events). We are only interested in celeb stories: showbiz news, scandals, romance, gossip and controversies, as well as interviews with stars (give reference to whatsupkenya, so that we could confirm the authenticity of your story by getting in touch with the celeb directly).
We also love heart-warming real stories about our amazing readers, so if you've triumphed over tragedy

The hotter the news or photos, the more chance for seeing it online!. We consider any purchased story, gossip or information to be our property, therefore any other Internet publications must be linked to our site as the source.
For every published story you will get 1,000.00 KES (plus personal satisfaction :-). (but remember - don't send 'a story' to any other newspaper / tabloid )
Please note that we do not pay for EVERY STORY SENT TO US, but only for those which we put online on our . A good story should have at least one photo.

Remember, we protect identity of our informers, so put "A"under every story which you want to submit anonymously. We guarantee anonymity. If you want to publish under your own name, put it under the text. We are looking forward to your stories and guarantee payment for every single one which we will publish.
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